Inks by Horacio Ottolini, Colors by Melissa Kaercher

Originally appeared in Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries, Issue #1

Commentary: The skull-visaged vigilante Brother Grim, was created by myself and artist Delfin Barral back in the very early 2000’s, as a companion feature to the original Femme Noir online comic strips. It was originally intended that the supernatural crimefighter would be a prominent fixture in the setting of Port Nocturne, and would cross paths with our mysterious heroine with some regularity. For various reasons I let that idea drop, and he hasn’t been seen again in the published Femme Noir comics.

There’s always a chance he may return someday, though…

– Chris


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↓ Transcript
Page Six

Panel 1. Still in her father's study/office. Grim, towering over the distraught, crying girl, has turned to face her, his guns hanging loosely at his side.

Grim: Your soul does not carry his taint of sin and corruption… yet.

Grim: Therefore, you do not warrant my justice tonight.

Vanessa: Your justice? Just who do you think you are!?!

Panel 2. Low angle, making grim look huge as he walks through the doorway, away from Vanessa, who now stands over her father's body.

Grim: Angel. Devil. Take your pick.

Grim: I am Brother Grim.

Panel 3. Vanessa, now kneels next to her father, holding him in her arms. Tears are streaming down her face.

Vanessa: (whispered) Next time we meet, monster…

Vanessa: …I will kill you.

Panel 4. Large panel. Don DeMilo's funeral at wyldwood cemetery. Vanessa, in mourning black stands before her father's grave as the coffin is lowered into the ground. At her side is Vin Detta. Behind them is a crowd of mourners, male and female. What the hell, let's make it raining. Always good for funerals.

Caption: "Her world was shattered.

Caption: "Rage, revenge and regret – in equal measure – consumed her thoughts, day and night.

Caption: "She no longer possessed any delusions about her father or his business. She knew in her heart that it was his life of crime that had determined the nature of his death...

Caption: "…and she knew as well that the time had come to decide just what sort of life she would live.