Inks by Horacio Ottolini, Colors by Melissa Kaercher

Originally appeared in Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries, Issue #1

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Page Eight

Panel 1. The inside of a warehouse filled with large wooden crates. It's dark and shadowy, except in an open area in the center of the room, where four thugs in suits sit around a card table on folding chairs playing poker. One light hangs down over the table on a wire. Among the cards and poker chips on the tabletop are bottles of beer and an automatic pistol or two. One of the guys – "Chopper" Chaney – has a Thompson machine gun in his lap.

Caption: "…that she first appeared…

Thug #1: All right, Chaney. It's your deal.

Panel 2. Medium close-up on Chaney as he shuffles the cards. We can see at least two of the other thugs – on either side of him – in this shot.

Chaney: Okay, ya mugs. Ante up.

Panel 3. Similar angle to the last as a child's rag doll falls onto the card table, scattering chips. Chaney's eyes are wide in surprise.

Sfx: Thump!

Chaney: What the – ?

Panel 4. One of the thugs picks up the doll, as Chaney starts looking around.

Thug w/doll: Is this some kinda gag…?

Thug w/doll: This thing's sticky – it's got blood on it!

Panel 5. High angle looking down at the table. The thugs have risen to their feet, reacting to a disembodied voice. Guns are in hand – Chaney has his "chopper."

Voice: Earlier today, you gentlemen "hit" some of the west end gang on Bellem Avenue.

Voice: You sprayed the sidewalk with bullets, and killed three men.

Panel 6. Low angle on Chaney as he raises his Thompson, and and, still searching the shadows with his eyes, defiantly answers the voice. To one side, we see one of the other thugs, looking worried – maybe a little scared.

Chaney: Maybe we did – so what?

Thug: Sounds like a dame t' me, Chopper…