Inks by Horacio Ottolini, Colors by Melissa Kaercher

Originally appeared in Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries, Issue #1

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Page Nine

Panel 1. A wide shot of the four guys standing around the table, looking around wildly in search of the voice's source.

Voice: You also killed a child.

Voice: A little girl.

Voice: Her name was Audrey.

Panel 2. Close-up on Chaney, nervous sweat running down his forehead.

Voice: That is… unacceptable.

Chaney: Who th' hell are you!!?

Panel 3. A low angle looking up at a familiar silhouette (Femme Noir, of course) atop some crates in the shadows. There might be just a glint of light off the barrels of her drawn automatics.

Voice: You men have a choice to make.

Voice: Choose carefully.

Panel 4. Medium shot of the thugs, Chaney center, as they open up with their weapons, spraying the darkness with bullets.

Chaney: Ventilate her!

SFX: (gunfire)

Panel 5. Shot of the thugs' feet as empty shell casings rain onto the floor.

SFX: (gunfire continues)