Inks by Horacio Ottolini, Colors by Melissa Kaercher

Originally appeared in Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries, Issue #1

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↓ Transcript
Page One

Panel 1. Across the top of the page – an establishing skyline shot of Port Nocturne by night.

Panel 2. For the rest of the page, a bunch of small, silent panels in a grid. A high angle shot looking down as an overweight man of medium height with glasses, beard and short, curly hair (basically, base this character physically on me. But let's never do a clear shot of his face. Most of the time we'll see him only in long shots or it'll be obscured by shadow or "camera angles."), Wearing a trench coat and fedora, passes under a streetlight as he makes his way along one of nocturne's dark, windswept streets.

Panel 3. He climbs the steps of and enters a brownstone office building.

Panel 4. He walks down a long, dark hallway toward an office door. The door has a pebbled glass window but there's no name on the glass, just a number: 201.

Panel 5. He enters a small, dark office, the room lit only by light coming from the streetlights outside the windows. (venetian blinds?) There's a large wooden desk with a typewriter in the center, among a scattering of golden age comics, pulp magazines and loose sheets of paper, as well as a manila folder next to the typewriter. There's a half-full ashtray and a pack of cigarettes also on the desktop. There are a few filing cabinets along the walls, and there's a coat rack near the door.

Panel 6. The man takes off his coat & hat and hangs them on the coat rack.

Panel 7. He sits behind the desk, facing the typewriter, backlit by the light from the street.

Panel 8. He rolls a sheet of paper into the typewriter.

Panel 9. Close-up of a hand reaching for a pack of cigarettes.

Caption: “Who is she?