Inks by Mark Stegbauer, Colors by Matt Webb

Originally appeared in Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries Issue #2

And, thus, we reach the end of another Femme Noir adventure. A week from today, we’ll begin presenting the next story, the short (5 weeks/pages) and little-seen “Demon Bat!”  Hope to see you then (figuratively speaking, of course – I can’t actually see you. Or can I?).

In other Femme Noir news, I recently delivered the script for the first issue of a new Noir miniseries – the first new pages in 5 years – to Joe Staton. This miniseries, entitled “Cold, Dead Fingers,” will be inked by our friend and frequent collaborator Rick Burchett, with colors by another pal, the amazing Matt Webb. I’ve already had some discussions with one of the more prominent independent publishers, and I’m optimistic that this one will be on the shelves soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

– Chris