This agreement does not create an exclusive agreement between you and us. You and we have the right to recommend similar products and services to third parties and to cooperate with other parties in the design, sale, installation, implementation and use of similar third-party services and products. A converted lead is a lead sent directly by the Affiliate to the distributor, resulting in a specific sale or action. Some leads may not lead to a sale or purchase, in which case the trader might not want to pay for an unreverted lead. This affiliation agreement stipulates that a commission is payable only for a converted lead. 1.8. The share of revenue is payable only if $100.00 has accumulated on your affiliate account. As with any commercial treatment, and the affiliate agreement exists to protect the interests of both parties in a mutually beneficial transaction. Similarly, like most other business transactions, the affiliate agreement should in fact only be the formalization of a program that has been previously decided and which has in mind the interest of the affiliate and the company. Another important aspect of the treaty concerns the terms of its assets. For example, is the affiliate in the program only because they signed the contract? Or do they need to take other training or certification to be part of the program? Can the Affiliate leave the program at any time or can the recruitment company terminate the affiliate contract at any time? Are there any restrictions, compensation or other considerations regarding the termination of these contracts? You intend to create an affiliate agreement to protect both parties in the transaction and to make it clear what will happen in different circumstances.

Many companies will have a marketing website or other document that describes the most important concepts such as the compensation structure in the membership requirements of the affiliate program in one place. As soon as the Affiliate is interested in the program, the entire document will be sent to them for review and signature. Many companies with affiliate programs will also send regular updates to agreements that reflect changing conditions. An affiliate is someone who sells products or services to others on behalf of your company. One can almost imagine it as an extended distribution force of third parties, with which one does not have a formal working relationship, but with which one pays in the first place only on the basis of commissions. Sales and affiliate relationships are very common throughout history and are increasingly common in the digital age, with the dissemination of blogs, social media, streaming, live casting and other means of individuals who produce content and build an audience around it. An affiliate agreement formalizes the relationship between you and your affiliate base. Like all agreements, the expectations and responsibilities of all parties involved in a transaction, which are affiliate marketing, are clearly defined. As an affiliate relationship is a business transaction, it is important to have an affiliate agreement to outline what each person needs to do to earn money and get paid. There are no strict and quick rules when it comes to designing an affiliate agreement.

It is therefore important to execute the figures and make an agreement that is mutually beneficial and sustainable. Although each affiliate agreement will vary in detail depending on the types of products and services sold, where they are sold (for example. B personal or via the Internet) and where the recruitment activities and the partner itself are located, there are several common elements that are included in all affiliation agreements. To you: Your address, as shown in our affiliate account information for you.