Is it possible to have both types of transit and distributor transport in one shipment? For example, with a problem with transport at source and trade at destination? If I followed a shipment and the movement called “Transport transit delivery” means that it has reached its objective or only that the carrier has recovered the container and perhaps still wait for the delivery date? If the above delivery scenario is compared, Merchant can either directly arrange transport from Durban on the road to the Sandton Gate, or deliver the City Deep container and move it by road to Sandton. Carrier Transport and Merchant Transport are both related to the transportation of a container from point A to point B, but the difference lies in the responsibilities of this transport. Distributor transport: moving the container from point A to point B directly by the recipient with his designated carrier. hai, I`m new to transportation, please someone will explain to me how transport is used in Scm Yang Ming the term “Agent Haulage”. Is it a carrier or a merchant? Thanks in advance In this case, the recipient will pay for the same line. It also means that if a line accepts a transport car move, it must also accept any claims or damage that may occur during such a move, unless it can be proven that it was caused by improper packaging of the cargo, etc. In this case, the line assumes no responsibility for the move and may make the dealer liable for such damages. Although it was briefly discussed in one of my previous articles on the import process, this contribution is a development of the same. Thanks for this article, very helpful. However, I have a question: if the container/container is transported from the terminal where they were unloaded by truck/truck transported by the recipient, but without the free zone (do not leave the port area), there is a reason to require the line for an HD tax? Thus, we chose Merchant Haulage Agreement for shipping our goods, Hi Anna “Delivery by Carrier Haulage” could mean that it was delivered. If you check the suit on a shipping company site, if you see Empty Gate In, it means that the cargo was delivered and the container was returned as empty.

It`s a good delivery. Hello Kushal, yes, it is possible and very common. I reviewed this article b`coz, our company also imports pre and engineering buildings from the United States. Thank you very much, Mr Hariesh, for sharing your knowledge.