We identify the customer`s needs and advise you on our service, the number and type of containers to be installed, the frequency of collection and the mode of destruction. We check the accessibility of the facilities. You will find more information in our destruction of the product. A safe process of document destruction and ensuring that staff are trained and following the process is essential to the security of confidential information. 1.1. In these terms and conditions of sale, the following terms have the following meanings, unless they do not correspond to the context: “working day” per day (except on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday) when London banks are open to transactions; “SS” Shred Station Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, whose business number is 06359628; “containers,” containers, including, but not limited, containers, bags and boxes that SS lent to the customer for services; “contract,” the contract between SS and the customer for the provision of services in accordance with these terms and conditions and the information provided in the order; “customer”: the person (s) or the company that provides the services to SS under the contract; “after-sales service agreement,” the SS after-sales service agreement containing certain information about services ordered by the customer; “data protection legislation” (i) unless: the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (RGPD) is no longer directly applicable to the UK, in the RGPD and in national enforcement laws, regulations and derivative laws in the amended or updated version in the United Kingdom, and (ii) in all laws that would succeed the RGPD or the Data Protection Act 1998; “force majeure”: an event that is not properly controlled by the SS, including protest, the act of God, the epidemic, the pandemic, the terrorist attack, riots, riots, riots, threat or preparation for war, war, compliance with government laws or regulations, rules, regulations or directions, accidents, fires, floods or adverse weather conditions; “Dangerous substances” have the meaning indicated in paragraph 3.4 above; “Materials” that must be destroyed by SS under the contract in accordance with the order and, unless otherwise agreed between the SS and the customer, are limited to paper; “Personal data” has the meaning specified in data protection legislation; “violation of personal data,” any security breach that leads to accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data that the customer receives while performing services; “ordering” the customer`s order for service delivery, as defined in the after-sales service agreement; “Services” loans of containers to the customer, the collection of materials at the point of service, the destruction of materials from the customer`s premises by SS by each mode it chooses at its discretion, unless the on-site destruction has been expressly agreed by SS in the service agreement or in writing at a later date, in which case the destruction of materials is carried out in the customer`s premises, and all other random or incidental services provided by SS; “point of service,” the location reported by the customer to the SS where SS will retrieve the materials; “Terms and conditions” are the terms and conditions of sale in this document (as amended from time to time) as well as all specific terms agreed in writing between the Client and SS. In assessing the frequency with which small businesses audited secure document destruction processes, 30.2% of U.S. firms were evaluated by the United States.