The best thing is not to share the staff. If you share staff, you indicate in the Agency`s sharing agreement (i) who is the employer of the staff, that is, who is responsible for the employer`s duties, (ii) work priorities for shared staff, (iii) sharing costs for staff and (iv) monitoring, discipline and dismissal of shared staff. Training common staff to always give patients the impression that doctors have separate practices. When the management company provides a service to practitioners, for example. B a payroll payment service described above, the provision of this service is not carried out as an agent; rather, it is a taxable benefit from the management company to practitioners and the GST/HST applies to the value of the performance-related consideration. As part of the service delivery, the management company acts under a service contract and not as part of an agency agreement. In addition, if, as noted above, the management company is responsible for its own expenses and not as an agent of practitioners, the reimbursements that practitioners make for these expenses are in return for the management company`s provision of services. The GST/HST applies to the consideration that practitioners pay to the management company for reimbursement of costs that have not been incurred by the management company as a practicing agent. It is essential that sanctions be imposed as part of the Non-Punctuality Cost-Sharing Agreement; And you have to enforce those rules every time. For example, the late payment of rent by a doctor on a common rent will require other doctors to cover the doctor`s late rent in order to avoid a default on the rental. A doctor has to pay to put others at risk in this way. We found that many clinics do not have a formal cost-sharing agreement or that it is obsolete. Oral agreements are only useful if differences of opinion lead to conflict.

While the XYZ clinic collected the fees to be paid by the National Health Insurance Fund, it does not provide health care for patients. The klinik XYZ collects the amount on behalf of the staff of the National Health Insurance Fund. Employees and Practitioners A have an agreement for employees to pay Clinic XYZ for the use of their facilities. Therefore, the amount of membership dues withheld by the XYZ Clinic is not a consideration for the provision of health services; On the contrary, the amount withheld is a taxable delivery from the XYZ clinic to the partners. With respect to cost-sharing under the cost-sharing agreement, the relationship between practitioners is an agency. Note that the existence of an agency relationship is a matter of fact. To find out if there is an agency relationship, please see the draft P-182 directive. As the phrase says, “If you don`t plan, you plan to fail.” Therefore, if you intend to work with one or more other practitioners for any function, we strongly recommend that you draft a formal agreement.

It`s like a marriage contract for the company, so you can agree in advance on the best way to proceed and cover the different circumstances that can occur. In the Office Authorization Agreement, introduce a timetable specifying ownership of all shared devices and responsibility for costs, maintenance and repair. Shows who receives each device when office colleagues divide, or who can continue to use the equipment and under what conditions. A situation in which a management company acts as an agent for a group of practitioners may occur when practitioners have entered into a cost-sharing agreement for the allocation of certain expenses. The cost-sharing agreement between practitioners would determine each practitioner`s responsibility for shared assets and expenditures. Practitioners may hire a management company as your representative for the acquisition of certain common goods and services to operate their respective medical practices.