To obtain independent contractor status from the sales consultant, discuss with a lawyer whether the duration after a certain period of time, for example. B one year, must end with automatic extensions of one year. If the Company discovers a security breach affecting the Customer`s Data or resulting in unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access by third parties to the Customer Data, the Sales Advisor undertakes to immediately inform the Company of such a breach and to provide the Company with appropriate support and cooperation with it in the investigation of the breach, and the commercial advisor undertakes to: provide the company with the following information in writing: (a) identify any customer who is the subject of the information that the commercial advisor has reasonably assumed had been recovered, acquired or disclosed; (b) a brief description of the events; (c) the date of the potential infringement; (d) date of discovery; (e) the nature of the information concerned; and (f) any preparatory measures taken to reduce the damage. .