Hello Nagaraj, If you use a type of document that allows time conditions, it is not possible to update these delivery costs during the creation of SA. However, if you have cond records for shipping costs, you can see them after creating the agreement with the ad transaction (ME33L), go to the article – > price simulation and you can view the costs. If you have one. answers.sap.com/questions/10496796/source-list-scheduling-agreement-is-this-normal.html I established a delivery plan for a ME31L supplier. After the recording, when I went to ME33L, the created SA could not be displayed. In which tables can I find these validity periods of the conditions and the value? How can I determine all the conditions related to a contract position? A position within a delivery plan can have multiple prices with validity ranges. Trail 4Logistics → production → DRP → environment → delivery plan → Display Here I would like to set up a sub-delineation cycle, but instaed by Subcontarcting PO, I want to use Sheduling Agreement for this. Delivery plan released and save and again I saw the release status in ME33L For z.B. – We have a few cases where the buyer changes the order rates for the current validity and now we are not able to keep up with the old rates and new rates in the history of the delivery plan. To track changes in the delivery plan, please follow the following path: Create a collective agreement – me31l, edit -me32l, view – ME33L, release – me35l. Main delivery plan to me38.

Can you tell me what is the reason why the quantity programmed in the delivery plan is not the same quantity gr? In the delivery plan, a price was maintained.