Here, the employee can contact his supervisor or his human resources department and make an offer and receive a draft transaction agreement. They are asked to remove it and take into account its content and react within a time interval. The worker may remain in the workplace and actively fulfil his obligations, but may be asked to keep the interviews confidential, including the fact that he has actually received a draft contract. This means that you are in principle satisfied with the offer itself, but in practice you want to check the wording of the transaction agreement document to see what you are signing. The Acas Code of Practice on Settlement Agreements, which is concluded under Article 111A, provides that settlement agreements may be proposed by both employers and workers at any stage of the employment relationship. The way the proposal is made may vary, but the code says you may find it helpful to discuss your proposal at a personal meeting that will take place at an agreed time and place. In addition, the code recommends that, although the code is not a legal obligation, that you allow the worker to be accompanied to the meeting by a co-worker or union representative. Finally, it is said that it may be useful to indicate the reasons for your proposal, if you do. If you give reasons, do it in a neutral and objectively correct way and do not make bad conditions. Generally speaking, we advise against asking too early for a meeting without prejudice, as this can be considered a sign of weakness. It may seem like you`re going to crack under pressure and you may not have what it takes to get a fair and equitable result.