It`s refreshing to have someone who shares intimacy with a spouse. My daughter was killed in 2006, her husband is the only witness. Even in cases of documented physical abuse by law enforcement in the years leading up to the shooting, no murder charges were charged to insult the injury, the shooting was tried by an administrative offense court. After years of suffering, I tried to heal myself, gained strength from the four chords and when the theme of the event was brought up by a new friend, the feeling returned. I was looking for criticism of Don Miguel`s four agreements and I came across your contribution. I really like the Four Accords and thought about sharing them in a professional development environment about racial inequality, but I had serious concerns about Don`t Take Anything Personally. These are the same ideas that you have eloquently shared here. When working on all kinds of equity issues, I think the 2nd Agreement is interpreted to mean that people are not held accountable for their words or actions, or that they are not encouraged to grow or change as human beings. I think Don Miguel or others could refer to the 1st and 4th agreements. If you`re blameless and do your best, you don`t have to worry about hurting others. However, when it comes to deep-rooted prejudice and bigotry and institutionalized oppression, one cannot simply say to a person of color, a person living in poverty, or a person who identifies as LBGTQ, etc.: “Take racism, classicism, homophobia, etc.