[22] The evidence is also convincing that Zehmer wrote two agreements, the first of which begins with “I vote to sell.” Zehmer first said he didn`t remember it, and then I don`t think I wrote, but he had one. Ms. Zehmer said that what he wrote was “I agree,” but that after that night, the “me” was changed to “we.” The agreement which has been written and signed shall appear in the minutes and shall not indicate any such amendment. The spelling mistakes Zehmer wanted to point out are also not obvious. A “contract really implied”, . Power-Matics, Inc. vs. Ligotti, 191 A.2d 483 (N.J. Super. 1963); St Paul Fire &M. Ins. Co. v.

Indemnity Ins. Co. de No. America, 158 A.2d 825 (N.J. 1960); St. John`s First Lutheran Church v. Storsteen, 84 N.W.2d 725 (S.D. 1957). [2] It has been said that an implied contract must in fact contain all the elements of an explicit contract. Such a treaty therefore depends on mutual agreement or understanding and the intention of the parties: and a meeting of the chiefs is necessary. An implied contractual contract is an agreement between the parties in all intentions and for any purpose, and it cannot be established that it exists unless a contractual status is established.

Such a contract does not result from an obligation or implied legal obligation, but from facts that allow consent to be obtained; there must be a manifestation of the facts resulting, in whole or in part, from acts other than words, and a contract cannot be effectively implied if the facts are incompatible with its existence. [5] W. O. Lucy, a lumberjack and peasant, testified essentially that he had known Zehmer for fifteen or twenty years and had known the Ferguson farm for ten years. Seven or eight years ago, he offered Zehmer $20,000 for the farm that Zehmer had accepted, but the deal was oral and Zehmer withdrew. On the night of December 20, 1952, at about eight o`clock, he took an employee to McKenney, where Zehmer lived and operated a restaurant, gas station, and garage. It was there that he decided to see Zehmer and try again to buy the Ferguson farm. He walked into the restaurant and talked to Mrs.

Zehmer until Zehmer entered. He asked Zehmer if he had sold the Ferguson farm. Zehmer replied that he had not. Lucy said, “I bet you wouldn`t take $50,000 for this place.” Zehmer replied, “Yes, I would too; You wouldn`t give fifty. Lucy said he would and told Zehmer to write an agreement to that effect. Zehmer wrote a restaurant cheque and wrote, “I agree to sell the Ferguson farm to W.O. Lucy for $50,000. Lucy told him to change it to “us,” because Mrs. Zehmer should sign it too. .