(2.) Nothing in this clause shall affect the provisions of the Main Contract relating to power stations or the design, manufacture or sale of wireless equipment by the Company. (2) If the supplier uses a deposit paid under the contract in whole or in part to satisfy amounts that the consumer does not pay by the due date, the supplier shall notify the consumer in writing when using the deposit. 2013, c. 8, p. 19 (2). (a) any wireless telephone transmission station in the Commonwealth and its territories for the purpose of establishing and continuing wireless telephone broadcasting services; and B = the number of months that have elapsed under the agreement until termination, with the last part of a month, if any, counted as a full month. (c) any other service specified in the Regulations. 2013, c. 8, p. 22 (3).

No goods received for free or at a discount, no fixed-term agreement David Woolley, spokesman for Progressive Conservative MP Bill Walker, who is also Ontario`s Minister of Government and Consumer Services, said in an email to MobileSyrup on December 7, 2018, that the Wireless Agreements Act “has been replaced by federal regulations that provide almost identical protection to all Canadians.” 20. Clause 20 of the Main Agreement applies in the same manner to any disagreement arising between the Commonwealth and the Corporation under this Agreement as it applies to any disagreement arising out of the Main Agreement. 2013, c. 8, p. 13 (2). 13 (1) No provider under a fixed-term mobile telephone contract shall amend the contract unless the consumer expressly and not only tacitly agrees to the change. 2013, c. 8, at p. 13 (1). (m) prohibit a supplier under a mobile phone contract from charging part of an amount for the services described in paragraph 3 or from accepting a payment if the party exceeds an amount specified in the regulation, unless the consumer has expressly agreed to pay that part; ii. a declaration of the maximum use of each service before the consumer is liable for the costs not included in the minimum costs, (8.) clause 4 of the agreement of 20. The month of August 1924 between the Parties to this Agreement shall be construed and construed as meaning that the words “and shall pay to the Postmaster General the amounts due at the standard rates for messages processed by post” have been deleted […].