If you and your roommates don`t move into the property until a later date, you`re often still responsible for all bills from the first day of your lease. This may also include payment of stand fees. Each member of the group needs a guarantor for the rent, usually a parent. Remember that the contract is a binding agreement, so all negotiations must be completed before signing. The treaty may seem long and one-sided. There are several reasons for this. First, the law gives a lot of protection to tenants and obliges landlords. Most of them are known and, as required by law, do not need to be set out in the agreement; for example, the need for an annual gas safety test. Similar obligations, on the other hand, do not exist for tenants. So if the rental company doesn`t want the motorcycles to be slim on the living room carpet, or doesn`t want the neutral decoration to be replaced with bright purple and orange, the deal has to say so! Seriously, the owner hands over his six-figure property to a relatively young group of people and past experience shows that some students have to put their commitments to tender. If you were approved for additional requirements when applying for accommodation, you submitted a receipt form (PDF, 92kb).

This form contains the necessary information so that we can decide on your application. It seems that in most cases, the groups consist of the apartments, hallways or houses to which you have been assigned in rooms by your university. There is nothing wrong with that. If you`ve made real friends with those you already live with, it makes sense that you`re looking for accommodation for your second year assuming you want to share it with your new friends. However, just because you`ve been randomly crammed into your university`s room allocation system doesn`t mean it creates the best groups to move to a private sector home. Living in a shared apartment requires compromises and you will share with the group for a year, so choose your roommates carefully. Each member of the potential group must objectively evaluate their friends. Attitudes towards finances, order and hygiene are usually the biggest points of contention and should be taken into account before deciding on your group and starting the tour. If your daily rhythm starts in the afternoon and continues until the early hours of the morning, it`s best to live with those who share your nocturnal habits.

If some of your potential roommates don`t have a budgeting concept and are still short of money, don`t expect that to change when they move into a house and have to contribute to the bills. .