MeChris is a freelance writer, editor and graphic artist with over two decades of experience in the publishing industry, working primarily for newspapers and comic book publishers. A professional writer since 1990, he has scripted numerous independent comic books in a variety of genres, including Leonard Nimoy’s Primortals, Shadow House, The Night Driver, Kolchak the Night Stalker, the critically-acclaimed crime thriller, Gravedigger and the interplanetary adventure webcomic Perils On Planet X.

He has also authored a handful of published short stories, including contributions to Moonstone Books’ The Spider Chronicles, The Captain Midnight Chronicles and Werewolves, Dead Moon Rising.

His taste in entertainment clearly peaked when he was about 15, which certainly explains his embarrassing obsession with James Bond, hardboiled crime fiction, comic books, paperback pulps, space opera, Universal/Hammer/Toho Monsters, sword & sorcery sagas, old genre TV shows and vintage B-movies.



Joe3DickTracyJoe’s first job in comics was on The Many Ghosts Of Dr. Graves (Charlton, 1971). He was an assistant to Gil Kane in 1972-73. Joe may be best known for co-creating E-Man (Charlton, 1972-73), a character that later returned from First Comics (1981-84), Comico (1990), Alpha Productions and Digital Webbing.

After E-Man‘s original run, Joe went to Marvel as inker on The Avengers (1973-74) and The Incredible Hulk (1975-76). He moved to DC and resumed penciling, with work on Justice Society (1977-78), Legion Of Super-Heroes (1978), Millennium (1988), Green Lantern, Guy Gardner, and The Huntress (1989-90), among others. At DC Joe also co-created the Omega Men and The Huntress.

He was the initial art director for First Comics (1980-84) and drew “A Christmas Carol” for their run of Classics Illustrated (1990).

Joe has received the Inkpot and Eisner Awards, and is currently the artist on Tribune Media Services’ internationally-syndicated (and 2013 Harvey Award-winning) Dick Tracy newspaper strip.