Inks by Horacio Ottolini, Colors by Melissa Kaercher

Originally appeared in Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries, Issue #1

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Page Fifteen

Panel 1. Dahlia reacts in shock.

Dahlia: That's impossible! Who is she accused of…killing?

Panel 2. Rod, referring to his note pad.

Riley: The victim is Tom Dewey. He was her boyfriend, correct?

Panel 3. Back to Dahlia, now even more disbelieving.

Dahlia: Now I know you're wrong.

Dhalia: Loretta loved Tom. She wouldn't – couldn't – have killed him.

Panel 4. Fairly large panel. Flashback. Cops have entered a fairly nice, art deco-styled apartment with large windows that overlook the nighttime cityscape. In the middle of the room is Loretta Luna – a slim, petit figured, young woman, attractive but not glamourous. She's kneeling beside the body of her murdered boyfriend, a middle-sized, blond-haired fella in a zoot suit. Luna is crying, but there's a small automatic pistol in her hand. There's blood on the guy's suit and the carpet.

Caption: (Riley) The local radio car caught a squeal about shots fired in your building.

Caption: (Riley) Neighbors directed the boys to the apartment, where they found your roommate with the body –

Caption: (Riley) – the murder weapon still warm in her hands.

Panel 5. Medium close-up of Dahlia.

Dahlia: And what does Loretta say?

Panel 6. Another shot of Riley, now looking somewhat sympathetic.

Riley: She maintains her innocence. Claims she walked in and found him already dead.

Riley: Says she found the gun there, next to his body.